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1. How can I access the Virtual Labs?
All Virtual Labs can be accessed through a common website: At the user end, a PC and broadband connectivity enables the user to access Virtual Labs.
2. How I can find lab of my interest?
The Virtual labs are divided into two categories on the Virtual Labs home page (

  1. Discipline Wise
  2. Institute Wise

The user can click on any of the categories to find out the lab of his preference. The user can also search for the virtual labs on the home page itself. There are two search options:-

  1. Search by the name of the Virtual Lab: Here the user can type-in the name of the virtual lab of his preference from any institute or Discipline.
  2. Search by Discipline: Here the user can choose discipline of his preference from the drop down menu. After searching the desired Virtual lab, the user has to make a single click on the link, which would take him to that particular Lab-specific home page. This method of accessing the virtual lab is common to all the Labs available on the homepage.
In some of the labs, the user will first have to register prior to conducting the experiments.
3. Is it free to use?
Yes, it is free of cost to the user.
4. What are the software requirements for Virtual Labs?
Download Links for all the software required to use the labs are provided on each lab’s homepage (wherever required). All the relevant software is free to download and information on how to download, install and use the software is also provided.
5. What are the various types of Virtual Labs?
There are two types of Virtual Labs:

Simulation Based Virtual Labs:  In these Virtual Labs, the experiments are modeled using mathematical equations.  The simulations are carried out remotely at a high end server, and the results are communicated to the student over the internet.  This class of Virtual Labs, at best, mimics the real-world scenarios/experiments.  Simulation based Virtual Labs are scalable and can cater to a large number of simultaneous users.

Remote Triggered Virtual Labs: In these Virtual Labs, the actual experiments are triggered remotely.  The output of the experiment (being conducted remotely) is communicated back to the student over the internet.  This class of Virtual Labs, gives the student the output of real-time experiments.  Remote Triggered Virtual Labs are difficult to scale and can cater to a limited number of users.  Typically, time-slots are booked before conducting such experiments.

6. When can we use the Virtual Labs?
Virtual Labs are divided into two categories, namely remote triggered labs and the simulation based labs.  For the remote triggered labs, the user can use them as per the time mentioned on the website.  The simulation based labs are available 24x7 including weekends.
7. What do I do if I am stuck?
The users can email their queries to the virtual labs support team at  Also, one can call directly on the hotline number 011-64674687 for help.
8. How do I register for using the Virtual Labs?
As mentioned earlier, Virtual Labs are divided into two categories: simulation based labs and remote triggered labs. Registration requirements are different for the two categories.
  1. Simulation based Labs: Many of the simulation based labs do not require registration. You can directly perform the experiment without registering yourself. On the other hand, some of the simulation virtual labs require registration for which the user can go to the respective website do a one-time registration.

  2. Remote Triggered Labs: To access a remote triggered lab, a user has to book a slot. For booking a slot, you have to register yourself first and then book a slot from the slot chart. All the available /booked slots can be viewed on this chart. Once a request for slot-booking is made, all the information regarding the user id, password and the slot booked will be sent to the userís email address provided by the user at the time of registration. Once registered, a user can login using the same credentials every time. This registration has to be done by the user separately for each of the remote triggered virtual labs.
9. How do I derive the maximum benefit from Virtual Labs?
In order to derive maximum learning experience, the users are advised to first read all the instructions for conducting the labs. There are 'step-by-step' instructions available in each lab to assist the users.
10. I already have a Physical Lab in my college/institute. What benefit will Virtual Lab provide?
Virtual Lab is a complete Learning Management System. All the relevant information including the theory, lab-manual, additional web-resources, video-lectures, animated demonstrations and self-evaluation are available at a common place. Virtual Labs can be used in a complementary fashion to augment the efficacy of theory-based lectures. Small projects can also be carried out using some of the Virtual Labs. Virtual Labs can be effectively used to give lab-demonstrations to large classes.
1. Virtual Labs recommended for Skill-Development Programme.

2. Click here for NCs Registration (IIT Delhi only).

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4. State-level workshop on Virtual Labs has been successfully held at University Institute of Engineering, Chandigarh University, Mohali, Punjab on 6th September, 2018.

5,State-level Workshop on Virtual Labs is going to held at Jodhpur Institute of Engineering & Technology ,Jodhpur (Rajasthan) on 3rd October,2018 . Click here for Workshop Registration

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